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Obtaining a Mercedes Benz Certificates

Mercedes Benz  vehicle manufacturers have approved programme STORM for use in motor vehicles for the following products:


  • MB-Approval  228.61 for motor oil : "Storm Ultra Syntheso FE 5W-30 UHPD"
  • MB-Approval  228.51 for motor oil : "Storm Ultra Syntheso LS 5W-30 UHPD"
  • MB-Approval  228.52 for motor oil : "Storm Ultra Syntheso LS 5W-30 UHPD"
  • MB-Approval  228.51 for motor oil "Storm Dynamic LS 10W-40 UHPD"          
  • MB- Approval 228.5   for motor oil : "Storm Dynamic UHPD 10W-40"     



Approvals are also published on the MB Be-Vo website http://bevo.mercedes-benz.com. The scope of application is shown and further defined on page 223.2.       

Obtaining MB Approval Certificates undoubdedly demonstrates the manufacturers commitment to using the highest level of quality in ensuring maximum success and customer satisfaction.


Link  to Certificate MB 228.61 - Storm Ultra Syntheso FE 5W-30 UHPD

Link  to Certificate MB 228.51 - Storm Ultra Syntheso LS 5W-30 UHPD

Link  to Certificate MB 228.52 - Storm Ultra Syntheso LS 5W-30 UHPD

Link  to Certificate MB 228.51 - Storm Dynamic LS 10W-40 UHPD

Link  to Certificate MB 228.5   - Storm Dvnamic UHPD 10W -40